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Re: CRT nostalgia vs the 15KHz monitor whine

in Milliways
My Mac G4 has some real bad coil whine which drove me mad in the last house when my computers lived in the bedroom. Now that they live in the front room with lots of background noise I hardly hear it. Can't say that slight CRT buzz ever bothered me. Sad thing is I actually hear a very similar sound …

Re: Windows 10 & 11 like it’s 199x

in Milliways
They originally released it back in 2019 for Win10 Guess it's been updated for Win11 now which is kind of surprising in a way. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/windows-file-manager/9p7vbbbc49rb#activetab=pivot:overviewtab I install it on my work PC's that run Win10, don't actually use it but nice …

Re: Jumpy platform games

in DOS
What video card do you have? the below link covers PCI/AGP so may at the very least give you an idea of different options https://gona.mactar.hu/DOS_TESTS/ and if we are talking PCIE then your idea of old is different to mine 😉

Re: Are we opening sealed copies of old games?

in Milliways
Don't collect games so down own anything sealed but if I came across an old sealed one I'd probably keep it and find a copy of the game to download. I'm missing 1/2 the boxes of the games I do have. I don't really wan't the boxes of the ones I do still have but cant bring myself to throw them out. …

Re: Is there Anyone "Overpaying" for Hardware and Proud of it? Well, maybe not Proud, but...

I paid £20 for a 12 MB Diamond Monster Voodoo2 about 10 years ago off some random website where as the other one only cost £4.20 on ebay. I knew it wasn't a good deal but was fairly new to the hobby and didn't know how often this exact card showed up. I also figured it would only go up in price. I'm …

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