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Re: can't get PCI video card to work

Cirrus Logic, Matrox , S3, Trident, Tseng are the common options for a 486. You can get a list of chips and their compatibility here. https://gona.mactar.hu/DOS_TESTS/ Obviously you don't need anything "modern" on a 486, Even the early poor performing 3D cards like the S3 Virge will be fine for a …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

My socket 7 Pentium MMX build, with pretty much every upgrade I could find for the ultimate MS-DOS PC experience. https://i.imgur.com/ogYYvag.jpg https://i.imgur.com/rnEd7Za.jpg Processor: Intel Pentium 233MMX Motherboard: Biostar MB-8500TTD Chipset: Intel 430 TX RAM: 64MB DIMM HDD: 8GB Compact …

Re: Silicon Valley Mountains on FIRE.

in Milliways
Our peak fire risk is probably August to September. The weather has cooled recently so maybe that helps a bit but it's still very much fire season until the rain comes back. I checked some old files I saved on a couple nearby fires, one of those in 2014 started September 13th and as of this date …

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