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Re: CD-Burners

in Milliways
Got mine in 99? Was my first purchase working at a computer store after finishing school. Cant remember the price but got it at cost. Iomega Zip 650 4x 4x 24x I was one of the last out of my circle of computer friends who were a few years older so had been working longer. But was the first out of my …

Re: Allure of retro computing

in Milliways
Tinkering and escaping back to earlier/simpler times are definitely the main motivations. Not been able to afford current hardware even before the currant crazy prices helps keep me where I belong.

Re: I build too many computers

in Milliways
Ah that's one thing I don't do. I don't use my Win7 gaming PC to surf the web. Steam is the only thing that connects to the outside world. Not that I 've blocked anything. So Windows updates, AV, and whatever else probably does phone home from time to time. But I leave surfing to my laptops trying …

Re: I build too many computers

in Milliways
I also suffer from wanting to play a game at a moments notice. As such I've 10 PC's setup permanently next to my desk hooked upto 3 KVM's. And that was after I culled 4 that no longer switch on. (failed Dallas chip, needs recap, corrupt BIOS, god knows) Problem is if you actually like the hardware. …

Re: Leak of Windows 11

in Milliways
That's a tablet UI. Another attempt in merging both worlds? I still don't get MS contently focusing on tablets. I actually use touch screens a fair bit having to support POS machines and in this regard the newer UI since Windows 8 is easer to use. but out of the total number of devices with Win10 …

Re: Voodoo2 VS Voodoo5 w/Voodoo1

You can enable antialiasing and texture filtering on the V5 which will enhance the image. Was a post here a good few years ago comparing V2 to V3 from memory. Removing the pass though cable did improve things slightly but definitely noticeable when compared side to side. I cant seem to find it now …

Re: Help spec my P4 Win98 Retro Rig

If you already have the making of a Pentium MMX I wouldn't worry about OPL on this. For my P4 Win98 rig I kept it simple and just have the Audigy 2 ZS. I'm not saying the Audigy's implementation sounds great but it does the job. But something as fast as a P4 your probably going to be mainly playing …

Re: Desert strike roland canvas or mt32

It's all just guess work on my part. but I can imagine an Amiga port not been the best coded game and maybe midi communication happing faster then the game expects or can handle. SoftMPU can be used to delay the signal, maybe worth a shot? "The optional /DELAYSYSEX switch enables small transmission …

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