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Re: 8-Bit Guy video's are becoming a chore!

in Milliways
Everything goes stale in time, Ancient DOS and LGR are the only ones still more or less pump out new stuff to watch. I agree that AVGN and 8-bit have lost their edge. AVGN is just so PG now, and only thing watchable with 8-bit is old Commodore stuff. He should change his name The CommodoreXXX Guy. …

Re: english, the planetary language

in Milliways
In reality Celsius is more proctical for humans and ecpecyally for heating and traffic. Because te tipping point is water freezing. And everything else it add to the equasion. And American have military time 24h. but yes that AM PM thing is bygone. Yes even in europe the analog mechanical clocks are …

Re: Are there any more aspect ratio ultratolerant people?

in Milliways
Circles... ovals... so what. Hey, next level. everybody is talking about LAG...... I play allmost all my games on a ultra cheap 55" or 32" TVs with VGA in. Use an USB keyboard and controller, or use software emulators, even with those ultra action games like Contra, I do not notice, that my gaming …

Re: DOS Serial Mouse Issue

in DOS
If HIMEM hangs then you may have memory errors or some other system stability issues. What motherboard or system do you use?

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