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Classic RTS games that can be used in modern Windows.

in Milliways
I like to have all the RTS games that i can play mainly with a mouse and with cheap older computers, but not real retro. So the target is Windows XP. And i have managed to run my list with Windows 7 also. The list: CnC Gold CnC : Tiberian Sun Red Alert Red Alert 2 Warcraft (error: no good sourceport …

Re: the Ultimate Semi Vintage Windows OS

in Milliways
If you want a fuss free responsive stabile OS, go with XP SP2. Or if you use no networks then even SP1. XP x64 is so niche product. 2k is just XP without fancy skins for those Windows 9x machines, that you maybe try to use NT based os for everyday use. Because NT 3.51/4.0 were more or less niche …

DOSBOX 0.75?

When is new version gonna be available. Or Dosbox main branch dead and Dosbox-X the new goto thing. PS. And when you stop being anal about 30 year old WAREZ. 😂

Re: WinGPT, AI chat bot for Windows 3.1

1. you are a BMW fan. 2.Downloads please. BTW: If you interesting about that: Now i have restored a Windows 3.1 Picture Gallery, from there are gone "lost" from some Shutdown Upload Servers in this German Windows 3.1 Support Site with a good File Hoster.. I'm a Mod on the Site from the Munich "CP/M …

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