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Re: AWARD Bios Edit

I answer myself! success!!! The problem was modbin version, was old. Searching i found a newer one http://old-dos.ru/index.php?page=files&mode=files&do=show&id=7976 Now i can have my P3 like old times... incredible IMG_20231013_225242.jpg What version of Modbin did you try initially? Hi, i always …

AWARD Bios Edit

Hi! i came here to ask for advice Mi P3 motherboard have award bios, what i want is to remove the PCI and pnp hardware list that show on boot IMG_20231015_135506.jpg Using awardflash tool i save original bios, and edit in MODBIN, I see a option that looks what i want... IMG_20231015_224636_1.jpg But …

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