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Re: DirectX compatibility?

in Windows
Yes I read about DX6 that uses MMX and some 3Dnow Optimizations. For 3dfx MMX it is not really important. I remember Games that worked smooth even on P133/166 with 3dfx (voodoo1) and not much better on 200mmx with 3dfx (voodoo1). That may be different in higher CPU-Classes. I mostly stick to the …

Re: DirectX compatibility?

in Windows
I mostly use DX5 or DX6.1a on Win95 machines. Games that require DX7+ will not work good on that old K6/P2 because I mostly use low-end onboard GPU combined with Voodoo1 or PCX1/2. With DX6.1 you mostly have all your 3dfx-games working already.

Re: Glidos TRX textures in TombATI

OK, cool thanks. Absolutely no rush at all, there's plenty for me to be getting on with for now. It's interesting to go back to this after so long, gives me a chance to see some of the stuff I'd finished and never shared, and new ways to improve everything too. I've decided to undo some of my …

Re: Are Voodoo graphics card THAT good ?

Did some testing with MAGESLAYER. PIII 500 / RageProLT and PCX1 K6 450 / RageIIC and PCX2 P1-233 MMX / MGA + Voodoo1 Man the Voodoo1 runs so smooth with the glide-supported gamedrivers of Mageslayer. But as shown on various comparisions on youtube...the deep colors are mostly gone when using 3dfx.

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

I can only compare rageIIc vs. PCX1 because these two are in that machine. RageIIc is better on Hellbender. It does not work with the PCI-Sound in that machine on PCX1. (ESS-Solo1) Both are not fast enough for DungeonKeeper1 D3D. (Sound issues on PCX1 too) If we are talking D3D the PCX1 is faster …

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