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Re: Best OS for Ibook G4?

"Jaguar plays classicmode games smoothly, Panther and Tiger can't play a lot of games due to what's been called the implementation of "double buffered" screen memory." That's indeed very interesting, useless for my g4-cube (450/R128pro) because this machine is native OS9 and jaguar in classic should …

Re: Best OS for Ibook G4?

Good morning! :) Tenfourfox is no more, unfortunately, but InterWebPPC is an alternative. https://github.com/wicknix/InterWebPPC Personally, I prefer Tiger over Leopard, also. Tiger still has Blue Box aka Classic Environment and can virtualize Mac OS 9.1+. In addition, it already also has Quartz …

Re: Best OS for Ibook G4?

Linux is crap unless you can build your own custom kernel and manage the dependencies! otherwise you will see that it's crappy slow and unresponsive due to a lot of people working on the code and optimisation for performance is not the first degree.

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