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Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

https://www.flickr.com/photos/94839221@N05/37749408916/in/album-72157687526598300/ Aaaah ! I remember now; we were talking about this last year. The VGMs in that the screenshot you kindly provided support the SN76489 chip which is 3 square wave and one noise channel. SBVGM will playback SN76489 …

Re: Halo Combat Evolved

Are the shaders "universal"? So can I copy them from the PC to the Mac-Version? I did some additional testing for the MacVersion: Core2Duo MacMini Nvidia9400m shared gfx. Mac OS 10.6.8 with Halo Mac Universal DVD-Version 2.0 - Vsync is broken. Activating Vsync leads to strange fps and hickups. 30fps …

Re: The Orange Box. DRM vs Retro Gaming? How can I install it?

in Windows
what we need is a crack that kicks the steam-drm out of the executables. for pc and mac. i really would love to play and install the games i bought on my retro-machines the way I like it, not that shitty steam that always moves to the next os after a view years. the old days were great..cd/dvd in, …

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