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Ressurrection attempt : 386DX 40

So I rescued this 6 or 7 years ago (see here https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=38367) and I'm finally doing something with it. AMD 386DX 40 4mb ram Trident 9000 VGA card So far I've done the following to get it going - Removed USR Speedster modem - Removed CDROM controller card (I'm going to …

Re: MY 386DX-33 System Progress

Thanks! The case was WAY overkill for me back then, and to be honest, probably is now, but it was bought back then with intent to upgrade. I am good with a meter, so so with a soldering iron. I was going to take several pictures of everything as I go along, and label the cards as they are removed. …

MY 386DX-33 System Progress

I couldn't find an intro section so... Hi. Name is Paul. 31 years old. reside in MA. Into older cars, and retro gaming. As I was setting up a game room in my house, I thought I'd dig out my first computer (after a Tandy 1000, which I no longer own. :disapproving:) I was 11 at the time my parents …

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