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Re: Music covers in video game soundtracks

Neon Tiger's stage theme in Mega Man X 3 could count as this even though Capcom stated it being a strange coincidence. Also there is a brief nod to Unreal's temple theme in one of the Vigilante 8 N64 tracks, but I dunno' if this counts as what you're talking about.

Looking for a missing utility "Unreal NST"

Internet Archive just leads me into a bogus loop so I assume the crawler never archived the download, Google returns 0 results. All I know is the filename: "UNST1beta.zip" The most recent snapshot of the tools page just shows a link that just causes Wayback to go to "Welcome to the Internet Archive …

Re: Most disappointing games?

Has someone mentioned Interstate 82? I was so stoked to get it and while it was OK it was pretty underwhelming... I only played the demo, while I like that it ran on the same tech as Heavy Gear 2... I hated the fact it was reduced to "Twisted Metal" style gameplay where everything is a health bar, …

Re: Any Unreal Tournament gamers here?

I thought UT3 was fine as a UT game (all things considered). It did definitely have launch issues and technical issues regarding the Gamespy account dependency though (later resolved with the Steam release), and UE3's new way of defining addons (install into your documents and add long explicit …

Re: Any Unreal Tournament gamers here?

The only reason I got into UT2003 and UT2004 was for the mods, I never really cared about the base game. That's still the case now. I still wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to do anything UT99 related with me if you can put up with the fact I have played these games for years and I have a very bizzare …

Re: Vogons Video Announcement Thread

root42 wrote on 2022-03-14, 21:40: The McCake Roland MT32 Emulator https://youtu.be/Yo0I6IF8iDc There's some weird popping going on in the audio when you're showing off the differences between MT-32 and the McCake, your microphone is fine though. What's going on with the audio capture I wonder? It …

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