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MonKey Island 3 Easter Eggs on Blood Island

in DOS
Hi today I want to write about one of my favorite games and I am referring to Monkey island 3 The Curse of Monkey Island by Lucas Art. I think it is the most successful episode of the saga with its new graphics and compelling story. But let's get straight to the point. There are 2 and very nice eggs …

INFOPCLOG - utility info and test Pc

in Milliways
As the title suggests, I created an application that basically uses batch commands to scan and extract information about pc, files, network, etc. through log files. Here the video where you will find the download link. ATTENTION: Microsoft defender could recognize it as a trojan because the …

Crystal Caves HD 10 Extra Levels

Hi, I created 10 extra levels for crystal caves hd. For download the link is in video description. High Definition remake of the game was developed by Emberheart Games giving the game additional colours, animations ,music tracks and a level editor. https://youtu.be/LVK5K-qZWAw Have a fun 😀

Register video whit dosbox (resolutions)

Hi when I record a video with alt + crt + F5 the program divides me into multiple files based on the resolution of the game eg: 640x480 dobox screen while the game does it to me in 320x270. Is it possible to create a single file with a resolution of 1980x1080? Sorry for my english. i use google …

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