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Register video whit dosbox (resolutions)

Hi when I record a video with alt + crt + F5 the program divides me into multiple files based on the resolution of the game eg: 640x480 dobox screen while the game does it to me in 320x270. Is it possible to create a single file with a resolution of 1980x1080? Sorry for my english. i use google …

STAT.EXE Addon for DosBox 0.74

Hello , I created a small program to Dos Box. It allows you to see the configuration of your dos box. You can download here http://www.thedubber.altervista.org/download/stat/stat.htm The site is in italian but the program is in english For write this post in english i use google translate. Sorry


I am an italian nerdz 😊 i created a little file com with the guide of zdrive the home page is in italian but the guide is in english the link is this www.thedubber.altervista.org/zhelp.htm the text i copied by dosbox wiki sorry for my english. bye bye

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