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Re: Roland SCC-1 price

I've owned a couple of these over the years and sold my second one recently, the proceeds of which paid for a new mobile phone 😋 They're a nice card and sound great but with options like the X2GM available these days I was happy to let it go.

Re: ATI Rage II: SVGA refresh rate in DOS

Yes and it makes things much easier on the eyes, and even makes some games play a bit faster (can be good and bad). Duke3D / Blood / etc benefit a lot from a higher refresh rate and my SMS emulator doesn't stutter at a higher rate. I use UniRefresh which is mentioned here, but there are a few …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
I visited a friend the other week and he's a Tetris obsessive, specially Tetris: The Grand Master. I haven't played in years but came away interested enough to download a ROM for NES Tetris and good lord its addictive. I'm not particularly good at it but have improved a lot - I've had to ban myself …

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