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Re: Voodoo 3 bought second hand - dead or not?

I have been testing a lot of video cards lately and I can confirm that some will 100% NOT work with some systems but be perfectly fine in others. The reasons for this appear random, for example a GeForce 5200 PCI does not work in a 440EX (Pentium 2 era) but works in a Socket 7 with an older Intel …

Re: MS-98L9 V2.0 , a new 1151MB with an ISA slot

in Milliways
I think you can use HIMEM to artificially limit how much high memory is available. I don't know this is carries through into Windows though. You will have to load HIMEM in config.sys before Windows starts to prevent it from using its own HIMEM.SYS in the Windows directory.

Re: This video card is corrupting my BIOS??

I worked on this for a couple of hours but wasn't able to trace where the problem was coming from. Something is shorting to ground and when you plug in the molex connector it shunts 12V from the power supply through a capacitor and then brings that to ground too. I removed all of the shorted …

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