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FreeDOS won't boot without CD

in DOS
Fresh install of freedos to sd card via ide to sd card adapter. If I try to boot from the sd card, I get "read error while reading drive". However, if I swap out the sd card with windows 98 install (also on sd card) it boots without issue. Also if I boot from the freedos install cd and then choose " …

Re: Poor performance of Pentium II

in DOS
Hmm...ok I copied smartdrv.exe from my windows install over to my freedos install and invoke with just: smartdrv.exe, but it doesn't seem to have an effect. What sort of parameters should I be using here? Thank you!

USB mouse not detected by cutemouse

in DOS
I have a very generic wireless usb mouse. (One small modern convenience for my retro system, haha) Fresh install of freedos, I can confirm that the USBDOS package is installed, when freedos boots I see a message from cutemouse saying "device not found", and in Duke3d the mouse is not detected. …

Poor performance of Pentium II

in DOS
I recently got a retro gaming system set up, Pentium II 266, 128 mb ram, geforce 2, sd card to ide, freedos. However, after trying Duke3d, it seems like something is wrong. I'm getting a good framerate, anywhere from 80-150 fps depending on what's on screen, but the game feels sluggish. Input feels …

Using dosbox as a disassembler

I know that dosbox running in debug mode can log instructions executed to a file, but I was wondering if it could dump the entire exe loaded in memory to an assembly file. I know that dos programs will sometimes compress themselves, so having something like this I think would be useful. By tracing …

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