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Re: P3 1.4GHz "performs like a P4 2GHz..."

How about an Athlon 1400C with DDR266/333? The P3 1400S just came out pretty late in the grand scale of things and was quite pricier than any Thunderbird/AthlonXP chip. Besides, most motherboards around didn't support it natively, which meant either building a new system or sourcing an FCPGA2 …

Re: ASUS rising prices

Fortunately, my university work does not need the extra oomph from a newee gen ryzen chip. Besides racing simulations, I'm not a big fan of AAA games. I think I'm gonna stick to my overclocked 7700k for an extra couple of years.

Re: Voodoo 2, no image with Glide games

Thanks, will check. I just reviewed the seller's images (attached), and those potential damaged spots were already on the card (both the scratch and the backs of the RAM chips). So it isn't transport damage. Guess I should have been more thorough ... Edit: he claims that he tested the card with …

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