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Using DPMI libraries...

Well, I've currently working on a simple aplication, in C, that acesses the video memory, and draws all sort of stuff in the screen... I have win XP on my computer so the aplication wont work due to the CPU's protected mode, unlike Win98, so I tried to use DosBox to run the aplication. With version …

Re: Prince of Persia I

That's not a DosBox bug... That a prince of persia cheat tweaker... If you press shift+l you'll be transported to the next level, and if try to reach lvl 12 that way you'll only have 3 minutes to rescue the princess.. 😎

I need a ROM.

Well, I eager to use Basillisk but, I don't have a Mac and I don't even know anyone that might have one... Can anyone spare me a ROM?? Preferibly from a recent Mac (that suports system 7.5 and above), not old material. I want to play a game I've bought and it's 4 CDs. Please PM me, or place and URL …

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