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Re: Running Nox on retro machine

in Windows
ripsaw8080 wrote on 2021-04-10, 20:50: Nox does not behave well on my Windows 10 system unless I run it in a window with DxWnd, so maybe GOG has done something to their copy... Have you used dgvoodoo 2?

Re: dgVoodoo and FPS limiter ?

Maybe good idea would be inplement to dgVoodoo custom range fps limiter? Old games dont like high fps, some game require 30fps to dont crash. I dont see any option in program which i could control frame rates. Using external app to do that seems not good when game is control by dgv. Would be great …

Re: Is it possible to force SecuROM DRM on Windows 10?

in Windows

Re: Fastest CPU Descent 1 can handle?

You'd really think that by the 32-bit DOS extender era, all newly released games would be using proper timing routines that wouldn't depend on the clock speed of the CPU. :confused: It's crazy how there are games, some of which are much older than Descent 1, that still work perfectly at the same …

Re: Is it possible to force SecuROM DRM on Windows 10?

in Windows
I want to play GTA2 on my main machine, but the game requires the CD which has the SecuROM DRM. I am not able to find any crack for the latest version and the only way to play the game on Windows 8/8.1/10 is to use the Enhanced GTA2 mod which removes the CD Audio. So I want to play the game with …

Re: Direct3D on Jane's F-15 and sound halt

in Windows
I played Jane's F-15 with the original CD on my PC. I used nGlide for 3Dfx emulation and the game even worked on Software mode. However when I try to run the game in Direct3D mode, the game gives an 'Direct Draw initialization error (code 830)'. What should I do to make this game run on Direct3D …

Re: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 10 - TRIPLE BOOT - Is It Possible?

in Windows
You should be able to first install XP, then Win7, then Win10, and let BCD manage it all, on a single drive. Yes indeed, done it (and variations with Vista, 8.1 etc) many times. The only problem is that every time you start XP it'll wipe all of your restore points on the later operating systems. If …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

willow: I just tried Screamer Rally on my Windows 10 machine, using nglide on DOSBox-X 0.83.8 SDL1 32-bit build and dgvoodoo on DOSBox-X 0.83.8 32-bit SDL2 build. In both cases the game launches and I can see the tile screen. Then I need to press Enter a few times to go to the main game. I noticed …

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