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Re: Riva 128 vs TNT vs M64 Pentium MMX

Fury3 should be fine on that CPU. It's software so I doubt the upgraded video card would help, maybe there is another issue? The Riva 128 is more period correct but I would probably use the M64 myself. I had one on my Pentium 133 and it worked well.

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

Thanks Anthony for quake2 results I have: 640x480 16bit 24.2 fps 80MHz 21.5 fps 66MHz I'm currently running i815 chipset, no overclocks. So that is good but also very good to know about pci speed etc. I will try this in future.

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

Thanks! :D Tomb Raider doesn't have a built-in benchmark, but you can display the current fps (I think with F3 but it might be F4 or F2 on the keyboard). There is a frame-limit of 30FPS, but especially in larger area's the framerate drops to 20'ish on my system at 1024x768. It's possible to improve …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

Limpem wrote on 2021-06-25, 11:33: Can anyone test if the powerVR at 80Mhz allows Tomb Raider to run at a stable 30 FPS at 1024x768? I would consider modding my own PCX2 if it does 😁 Yeah I can test. Does Tomb Raider have a built in benchmark? Is there a demo I can use/download? Never really played …

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