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Re: Pentium 200 and Pentium Pro 200 builds. Do I need dedicated CPU fans or are nearby 80mm case fans enough?

I think only the 1mb Pentium Pro runs hot, I would think a case fan like you have setup would be ok. Pretty sure it runs hot due to Intel removing the gold heat spreader used in the earlier models :( Shame as I honestly prefer the golden look. I did do a quick google. Seems even 36.6W would need a …

Re: gog.com finally collecting sales tax

in Milliways
twiz11 wrote on 2023-11-27, 20:16: Shponglefan wrote on 2023-11-27, 16:16: I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner given how long GoG has been around. i think taxes curb spending, otherwise i would have spent alot more I really doubt that.

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