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Re: Moderator violating Community Standards

in Milliways
The Pada crowd (LGBTCDFG communitty) can be more vile than us straights for goodness sake. As for racist I wont comment because I know the oversensitive types are going to cry poor things. Let's not wage a culture war. Twitter exists. Sarah said she was harassed that is all that matters. Correct, …

Re: Samsung Syncmaster 213T - Any good?

in Marvin \ Video
darry wrote on 2021-06-12, 17:01: I almost bought one back in the day, but had to settle for an inferior 204B due to lack of availability . AFAICR, the demo unit I saw looked fantastic . Why is the 204b inferior? In terms of specs it beats the 213T in every category.

Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

in Marvin \ Video
16:10 is almost dead. The Philips 252B9 is one of the last ones still available new with both 70Hz support without frameskipping and an explicit 4:3 mode . It is not cheap (prices have gone up since I bought one) and requires an OSSC for the best possible results . Dell has a long history of …

Re: Best Midi Player For Dos And Windows

in Marvin \ Sound
Please remember that everyone is on a different level in terms of experience and knowledge here on this forum. For many of us it's basic knowledge that Jazz Jackrabbit is not midi in-game, but that might not be apparent to everyone or someone just starting out in this hobby. You can read more in the …

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