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Re: Socket 7 motherboard supporting 2xFDD (1x3.5"1.44/2.88mb+1x5.25"1.2mb)

in DOS
Doesn't it mean that only one FDD attachment is available ? Or that means that there is 1 port available for 2 drives to be attached to it ? 1 port for 2 floppy drives. As stated in many ASUS socket 7 motherboard manuals: Supports two drives of either 5.25-inch (360KB or 1.2MB) or 3.5-inch (720KB,. …

Re: Socket 7 motherboard supporting 2xFDD (1x3.5"1.44/2.88mb+1x5.25"1.2mb)

in DOS
I would imagine all socket 7 boards support two floppy drives, all on the same cable. Support for more than one started to be removed in P4 systems and later. Any requirement on downclock CPU and disable caches? If you want to do it through software you have much more control with an AMD K6-II+ or …

Re: Searching for Gender wars and Omnikron The Nomad Soul demos..

in Windows
Appearntly Gender Wars demo was never released online as it was designed to run/require the CD-ROM drive. Info: https://groups.google.com/g/comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic/c/fG8xldghYXo/m/dMXYZ8szOMoJ You'll have to find it on cover CD's. From info I found online it was on CD-ROM Magazine issue 23 …

Re: What made you join VOGONS?

in Milliways
I don't think there's a way to look up a user's posts in chronological order ("Your posts" shows me topics where I posted, with recently active topics first), unless you check time stamps for every post individually. There is, click your username, then the search icon in top right corner. You'll …

Re: PCI Video Card Installation Issues

in Marvin \ Video
Have you tried any other PCI video card beside the Radeon 7000? My worry is that the Radeon 7000 is too new to function in your setup. I know Feipoa and others have tested alot of PCI cards in their 486's (even older that your socket 7), full thread here https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t= …

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