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If you found the password, then it would be beneficial to the community to post it in the thread instead of editing out everything (which has now been restored). Someone else might come along and have the same question and then he/she'll be able to find this thread through search.

Re: 32-Bit is dead

in Milliways
I think this thread has come to its end after the last couple of posts which have had little to no value, so closing it. If you're of another opinion, please send me a PM.

Re: VOGONS Driver Library

There are PhysX demos/software along with benchmark software already on Vogonsdrivers.It's really up to Squallstrife if he wants a category for gamedemos on there and how the uploads should be processed. Since he is the one paying for storage/transfer I'll believe it'll be an entry for per game, not …

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