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Re: VGA Capture Thread

The Datapath E1S is a proper 4:4:4 RGB capable frame grabber. You want to avoid chroma subsampling as much as you can in your processing chain as every conversion step will result in further degradation of color. You also have to deal with potential errors from color space conversions between RGB …

Re: Vintage Altec Lansing speakers

https://img.claz.org/t/400x320/ienqtu-AREaAQdPRkodBRsHCAILXxYdGksNHRsADUsBBxxbBwAaXgJERiQ7JTwqDFIKQEFBXFUMFBARXVUMSBZAUFwLQUNAXFdZFRJGCgdBGQERGgoABxUZBQAXXhI0BRELEis5CAsdGBoSNigbHQAcBAAKGBUqOhAMBhsaDwAcLjkaDQACLkEQC1RaQUITXQFfRkBbAxUJ Here. The higher end ACS300.1 also used a clamshell design and …

Re: Oldest video card with DVI?

Almost every Matrox G400 card can have DVI added to it. I have the daughter board for my Marvel G400-TV. I think some G400s came with DVI stock as well. The cards support Windows 3.1x, 9x, and NT 4.0,2000,XP. Here is the add-on complete with brackets if you find a G400 card: https://www.ebay.com/itm …

Re: Looking for ATI AIW X800 XT Install CD

You need to install the drivers for the video capture/tuner function to get rid of the unknown device. It is a separate driver package from the video drivers and is found on the AMD website as "WDM Integrated Driver". I also have a slightly later original driver CD for these cards. My X800XL (PCIe …

Re: Proposed OS/2 Build

OS/2 supports SMP with an add-on. Personally if you can find it, OS/2 Warp MCP2 (4.52) or eComStation have better hardware support. SciTech SNAP is included for video as well. Things are wonky with circa 1998 hardware despite Warp 4 being from 1996. The whole OS is kinda stuck in that same viva la …

Re: How to build a Win16 or Win32 App?

I used Borland C++ For Windows back in the day. Supports Win16 and Win32 if you are running 4.5x or later. It also has the ability to build "console" Win16 applications using its "EasyWin" libraries and it's resource editor Resource Workshop is top-notch for prototyping windows, dialogs, etc.

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