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Re: Crash and dump in DOS mode

Thanks guys, I will check your suggestions, I've been playing DOTT flawlessly in the samemachine however I don't remember if that game uses protected runtime, I will check when I get back home, I also was suspecting on the Cyrix internal cache, and I've even replaced a BB (quite rare) version of the …

Crash and dump in DOS mode

Guys, have any experience this problem, I'm running Sam & Max (if you haven't recognized it in the screenshot) and randomly the program terminates and get a stack register dump, Sam & Max runs in DOS protected mode (DOS/4WG). Other specs are: Happens either booting from a floppy or booting Windows …

Re: Turtle Beach Montego II Unboxing

Bancho wrote: I actually did the same thing a you earlier in the year! I opened a sealed Montego II! This was it before opening 😁 It is a great card, I'm using one atm in my Slot1 P3 with a NEC XR385. I use it as a drum machine and to record other analog instruments.

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