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Re: VGA Capture Thread

I recently tackled this problem with help from all the great information in this thread. The solution that works for me is a Gefen VGA to DVI Plus with a DVI to HDMI cable going directly into my Samsung 4K TV. I get all modes: BIOS, DOS, VESA, and Windows 3.1 with both SVGA and S3 Trio 64 drivers. …

Re: Note FM Tracker

in Milliways
Introduce another SOP player. Kiss Music Player developed by Seo Jae Hyung(maxidea). 1996. This player supports SOP and K1M(never seen but it says developer will release) usage up/down arrow : volume ( 0% ~ 100%) left/right arrow : tempo ( 40% ~ 200%) Alt+P : file open dialogue Alt+S : toggle …

Re: Where to find ROL/A2M/OPL music

in Milliways
Stojke, I didn't see this topic, so I answer your PM also here. You can download 2.0 here and IMS bonus files. http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=37552&p=334968#p334968 And attach hwp documents to standard KSC notepad. Documents have developer's goodby for Military service and hotkeys …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

Tertz, your effort of this guide makes me translating for my native retro freaks. I finished Korean translated guide(except composing), now posting here and korean retro cafe. Thank you for your effort. Maybe most vogons members don't need to download this to see. But I should say I made this.

Re: Note FM Tracker

in Milliways
ik777 wrote: but Not have SOP data sheet in cafe, only SOP file player source available. (it was used like WinAMP plugin.) Can you share the source code? Thanks in advance! 😀 Collected whatever "SOP" and "source code". These are over 10 years old source and cannot guarantee what you want.

Re: Redstar 3.0 North Korea's Operating System

in Milliways
OMG, it seems I can use it with native language... But I won't install it because there's a little chance NIS (korea CIA) arrest me by insulting anti-communist law and feed me beef-soup to my nose(NOT mouth). I thought they didn't do that much since the 80s, after they stopped being called the KCIA …

Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

Supported VGM chipsets RP2A03 (NES APU) SN76489 variants SAA1099 YM3256 Y8590 YM3812 (OPL2) YMF262 (OPL3) Thank you for your great work. I always complained about many adlib musics were not as polished as arcade one. Now it was not hardware fault, just PC composer was lazy about this. Now I'm …

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