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Re: Sierra PGA Championship Golf 2000 Problems

in Windows
Thanks for the update wide2tele, however it is still not working for me. I have the latest patch for the game installed with the latest dgVoodoo and am using your DXWrap.dll file in the bin folder. The game starts up OK but as soon as you start a game it freezes. Any suggestions? Maybe I need to …

Matrox Millennium II for DOS?

I am trying to source a good SVGA card for later DOS games and maybe general Win 3.1 use. I was reading this article (https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=8469) (old I know) and they mentions that the Matrox Millennium II is a worthy contender for DOS, but looking at the driver page here (http:// …

Re: ScummVM in EmulationStation

OK cracked it! Just in case anyone else comes across this issue, I found the solution here, https://github.com/HerbFargus/Portable-Game-Station/wiki/Scummvm It is a very simple solution really, instead of .svm files you simply create a bat file, so in my case (using monkey island as an example) I …

ScummVM in EmulationStation

Does anyone have any experience with the Windows version of EmulationStation? I am trying to get ScummVM set up but at the moment it is beating me. I have added all my games and created my .svm files named with the internal ScummVM game ID, so monkey.svm for example. The games will not launch. This …

nGlide vs dgVoodoo

Just wondering what this community feel is the current best Glide Wrapper, it seems the two main ones are nGlide & dgVoodoo, what is the consensus as to what one is better? or is there another one that is considered better?

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