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Re: Any viable way to have 3dfx on a low budget?

I'm not aware of a cheap solution, maybe someday someone will figure out something like an FPGA solution for it or something; Brazil didn't really have a huge high end gaming market in the voodoo days, I mean they were around just not in vast numbers, and nowadays with youtube videos and such, old …

Re: Is the FX5600 a great option for Win98?

FX 5500 is a FX 5200 rebrand, FX 5200 is a huge mess when it comes to memory and clock specs, the FX5500 is mostly available with 128bit memory bus at least fx 5600 had in general higher clock, 128bits bus and was more of a full FX series, FX 5500/5200 had some simplifications to save on die space, …

Re: PCIE Graphics Card

I need a bit of clarification here: - 45.XX drivers are "best" for W98 games - FX series came with 50.XX+, so this seems like a wrench in the W98 cogs - PCX5xxx also need even newer HSI aware drivers, which even further complicate W98 compatibility So, both AGP and PCIE solutions here seem …

Re: Windows 11 CPU requirement removed?

in Windows
I had win 11 on my Sandy Bridge system and it worked fine, but I kind of had to force install it, on my Haswell system (4th gen) I'm not getting the option to update or install 11 without forcing it either,

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