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Re: Windows 7 Retro?

chrismeyer6 wrote on 2021-06-16, 13:39: I'd be shocked if it ran on my 775 system. I've been planing a Ryzen build the past few days but the lack of affordable graphics cards is kinda killing my plan I will be shocked if it doesn't run on my lga 775 systems

Re: Leak of Windows 11

in Milliways
as for the way it looks, I don't really have much to say about it, it looks... OK, whatever, similar to 10 they still give you the option to align the icons to the left, the start menu is something I haven't really used much in a very long time outside of typing something using the search

Re: n64 emu software rendering

What PSX emulator are you using that has software rendering? That sounds odd. N64 emulation is inherently difficult and I would not expect an emulator that does "software rendering" to have improved compatibility. It certainly won't be quick. In any case, as you may have noticed, there is not much …

Re: SiS 530 A2 - no d3D / openGL

the sis 530 IGP is super awful, I had lots of trouble trying to run anything on it and when it did it was super slow, I just consider it a fine 2d adapter at this point, I think the last version of the driver had some sort of OGL support but it's very broken, I highly doubt that as a 3d accelerator …

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