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UT2004 - No surround sound Windows 10 (solved)

in Windows
Hi everyone, Long time no post either here or on my site, sorry for no new guides in forever. Anyway, I'd been plagued with PC issues this year and in the end decided to ditch my old rig and build a new one, based around a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, Asus ROG Crosshair VIII main board and 32gb ram. For video …

Re: Dosbox none vs Normal 2x on a CRT

Thanks, that makes sense and certainly seems to be what I'm seeing here. How about CGA and EGA games? My family did have a CGA PC years ago, but I honestly can't remember how the games should look, should they have those big thick 15khz type scanlines if played on an actual CGA PC and monitor?

Dosbox none vs Normal 2x on a CRT

I'm fortunate enough to have a tri-sync CRT monitor attached to a PC I use for Groovy mame and Dosbox with CRT emudriver. To set up Dosbox I added the following modes to my CRT emudriver setup 720x480 @ 60.000000 360x480 @ 60.000000 720x400 @ 70.000000 360x400 @ 70.000000 720x350 @ 70.000000 360x350 …

Re: Emulating EAX on any onboard sound hardware?

Will this Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 software work for me if I use the HDMI audio out from my Nvidia graphics card? Quite happy to pay 30 bucks or so to get EAX/ALChemy on my main PC. Would be fun to play Alice in 4k with proper surround sound. Edit - Took a chance and yes, it works with Nvidia audio. …

Re: Illegal command -exit ?

Lines as follows:- [autoexec] # Lines in this section will be run at startup. # You can put your MOUNT lines here. mount c D:\ROMs\DOS mount d E:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctl c: cd NETWOR~1\RALLYC RALLY.BAT I will give -c exit a go too thanks.

Illegal command -exit ?

Probably going to kick myself this has to be something obvious but, I am trying to use the -exit parameter to make DOSBox close as soon as I'm done playing my game, but instead of that I'm just getting "Illegal command -exit" on the DOSBox command line, what's wrong with my syntax? Here's the line:- …

Re: Asterix The Gallic War - Failed to get mouse

in Windows
Stumbled across the fix by chance... You need to install dgVoodoo2 then copy the "Asterixstart.exe" file from the root of the games CD into the "Exec" sub-folder within the games directory (D:\Program Files (x86)\Infogrames\Asterix\Exec on my PC). Once in there, run it and set your video card …

(solved) Asterix The Gallic War - Failed to get mouse

in Windows
Trying to coax Asterix The Gallic War (from 2000) to work on Windows 10, it is a DirectX 7 game I believe, it almost works using DGVoodoo2, but frustratingly every time I start the game I get an error "Failed to get mouse". I can click "OK" to this and start the game but mouse control is needed for …

Win 98 won't network

So I've built a Windows 98 PC, everything seems to be working well except I just can't get the darn thing on my home network. I have the drivers for the network card (SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter according to Windows), the network card lights up and is seen by windows and all the lights flicker …

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