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Re: Generic Win98SE Installation & Setup Guide

Do what works best for you. I still don't recommend IE6 in Win98SE because of its serious bugs. I cannot think of a single scenario where IE6 is necessary over IE 5.5 or an improvement over Firefox 2.x. Then again, as you mentioned, nobody should be using Win98SE for browsing the net in 2021 anyway. …

Re: Best WinXP Video Card

Serious question: It seems like you guys are willing to use older ATI/AMD drivers to make things work, so why not older NVIDIA drivers? The v2XX.XX range work fine with the 500 series cards. 600 series and newer need v3XX.XX drivers. I've had good luck with v285.58 and my 560 Ti card.

Re: Best WinXP Video Card

A dual-core E8600 is already a very high-performance XP system. I3 or I5 Sandy/Ivy Bridge is extra overkill. Besides Alan Wake and Falcon 4.0, are there many games that truly take advantage of more than one core? Do people still have faith in hyperthreading? I'm currently putting together a "new" …

Re: Generic Win98SE Installation & Setup Guide

DosFreak, I intentionally did not link to certain items like Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative so as to avoid angering the copyright gods. If you and the other mods are OK with it, I'll try to find working links for them as well. I cannot find any working links to EndItAll whatsoever. It …

Re: Is a Voodoo 2 worth the cost

If I didn't already have my Voodoo 2 and 5 cards, I wouldn't be buying them now. To me, the price is way too high. Wow. I just revisited this thread and checked prices after 3.5 years. The cost of various 3dfx cards has at least doubled; tripled in most cases. For V5 cards, prices have more than …

AGP and WinXP - Any Real Advantage?

I've got a socket 754 Athlon 64 system with AGP and a 6800 GT. Right now it dual-boots Win98SE and WinXP. However, I think I'm going to replace the 6800 GT with a Quadro FX 3000 and just have it single-boot Win9x. I just can't think of a good reason to use AGP in a legacy WinXP box when PCI-E boards …

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