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Crossflash TNT2 M64 BIOS?

As the title asks, can I flash a TNT2 Pro BIOS on a TNT2 M64 card? I have a few of these M64s laying around and wondered if the BIOS can be crossflashed to Pro, similar to how the FX5200 can be flashed to 5500.

Re: Are Voodoo graphics card THAT good ?

Shame is 3Dfx did make idiot things that ended up them dead, shame is also S3 did not have the Metal API in more games... Shame is brands like ABIT, Soyo, Aopen did die or are not anymore in the industry in the same way... While I agree ABIT shut down (and I think so did AOpen), Soyo still produces …

Re: What game series did you stop getting and why?

in Milliways
Oddworld would be for me. They did everything nice until the recent Soulstorm release. If anything, New'n Tasty at least kept that Oddysee vibe, but Soulstorm looks nothing like 3D Exoddus should've been. The cutscenes are totally marvelous though, like a movie, more or less. But gameplay wise, …

Re: Strangest thing found on harddrives

in Milliways
Strange stuff I encountered, more or less: - DTK PRM-27IV (VIA 693/596) w/ a totally different BIOS (identified as Shuttle AV11) - ECS K7VZA (KT133A/686B) w/ a Haruhi Suzumiya BIOS splashscreen for reasons absoultely unknown to me. Unfortunately the BIOS was buggy enough (and not because of bad caps …

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