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Re: My Big Red Switch 486

I love the beastly towers with red switches. They're majestic. :) Nice one! I used to have that exact same casing housing my 286 and later my 386 DX clone and am actually trying to find one to build a retrogaming PC. That's cool, I've only ever seen the case once elsewhere. I had a feeling it was …

Re: Windows 7 Retro?

The term is totally subjective, and different from vintage . Since Windows 7 only has retro purposes and no other future facing value to me, I'll happily call it retro. I'm sure you could still use Windows 3.11 to make a lot of your documents, so even an objectively vintage system isn't retro in …

Re: Which software to preserve CDs?

Hate dealing with Alcohol 120% sometimes, but I've ended up buying it. Haven't come across problem software that you mention, but don't doubt there are some such issues. I think it's worth it for my own archival. MDF/MDS for discs with protections or audio tracks on them, ISO for simple images.

Re: My Big Red Switch 486

I've tested a mechanical Fireball disk and switched the system to a faster CF card. The Promise EIDE2300Plus controller is set to "DMA Speed 7" which is MWDMA-1 (13.3 MB/sec). There is a Speed 8 available, but it doesn't change from MWDMA-1 and shows no measurable difference. MWDMA-2 (16.7 MB/sec) …

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