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Re: Chex quest

in DOS
thanks for quick answer. i think package you mentioned is this= http://www.chucktropolis.com/gamers.htm

Chex quest

in DOS
Hi, is chex quest completely freeware or just abandonware?

Lost media?

in DOS
Hi, recently i noticed that i've lost my old 3.5" floppy disk contains Dune (original media) But of course i backup these game before on my dvdr. Now my question is without original media i mean original floppy disk can i still have the game legaly? Or without media its no more original and have to …

Re: Copy Protection problem

in DOS
I had the same problem when Ubisoft published it (in a bundle with PoP: The sands of time and PoP: The warrior within). They put the game in a floppy but forgot to include the codesheet. Maybe you can download the manual from replacementdocs or try to hack it using Rawcopy. i check replacementdocs …

Copy Protection problem

in DOS
Hi, i have a compilation cd from acclaim which is includes prince of persia. But after first level it asks me for copy protection and i cant find any protection codes in compilation manual! :blah: So after some googling i found some codes but they not work with my game! Its really old compilation cd …

Re: Sherlock Holmes help!

Dominus wrote: Then try the 60 seconds guide 😉 Thanks but i already done that. And problem is not about dosbox. When i try to install game, or setup it says VGS.LIB Could not found! But this file in the game folder already 😵

Sherlock Holmes help!

Hi, i have old sherlock holmes case of the serrated scalpel but cant work it with dosbox. Whenever i try run install on dosbox it says; could not open file c:/english/VGS.LIB i try googling but cant get any results about this vgs.lib file. Game runs but cant get any sound or music! Please help me ! …

Too new for old

in PC Emulation
hello everyone i got new pc today amd eight core 8120, amd7850, 4gb. and i need play old games like; jagged alliance, duke nukem 3d old dos games like these. but my new pc is too fast for these games. my os is windows 8. now how can i play these games without fps losses or bugs? is it possible to …

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