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Re: S3 virge dx vs software rendering

in Marvin \ Video
Joseph_Joestar wrote on 2024-02-25, 14:19: It's a slow card. You'll see it actually accelerate on a Pentium 133 and older CPUs. Anything newer will likely outperform it in software rendering. If you lower the resolution to 512x384 it might help a bit with the frame rate. Thanks so using software …

S3 virge dx vs software rendering

in Marvin \ Video
Hi i ve s3 virge / dx pci card but most games with hardware rendering works very slow. Choosing software rendering works much more better so why hardware rendering slower than software? Cpu is pentium 2 using windows 98

Re: Dreams to Reality Glidos

in GliDOS General
zirkoni wrote on 2024-02-09, 13:13: You're trying to run the exe-file from the root of the emulated C-drive. That's probably the issue. When you installed the game it probably put the game in e.g. C:\DREAMS So change your mount command and in DOSBox cd into the game directory. error..

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