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Re: the Penultimate Semi Vintage Windows OS

in Milliways
kant explain wrote on 2023-09-19, 01:57: What's the best OS for lessay 1998 - 2007 machines. XP SP3 32-bit with a S775 P4 Cedar Mill or some C2D, 4GB (2x2GB) ram. Everything you throw at it will run butter smooth. Maybe some 98/99 software could be problematic, but probably most things can be fixed …

M919 DMA on Windows 98SE

Hello friends, I was doing some tests with this board and I couldn't get Windows 98 SE to boot once I enable DMA. I'm using the on-board IDE controller, Intel DX4, 33MHz BUS. Der Sammler reported that setting the L1 to WT would fix it (jumper JP8A) but it doesn't help for me. I tried all the BIOS I …

Re: Powering CF Adapters

It depends on what kind of connector your CF-IDE adapter has. I have some that use a standard molex connector, and some use the mini molex connector. In that case, you could use an adaptor like this one https://www.amazon.com/Kentek-Y-Splitter-Internal-Computer-Adapter/dp/B07KS5SDZN You could make …

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