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Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
yeah i'm there. but it's mostly a EUR userbase so not very useable for buy/sell/trade as shipping becomes really crazy these days. I assume you are also on vcfed.org? That's the opposite, mostly a non-EU userbase and might suit you better. I'd like to add this also: wherever trades are allowed the …

Re: I miss the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

in Milliways
And with sites that have both traditional forums and a discord server, well the forums are dead a lot of the times. Adding to this, there were perfectly fine forums that suicided by adding social media things on top of them. User base changed and the forum died quickly, adding the new layer was …

Re: Windows games on reactos.

in Windows
The target for ReactOS was to be a proper OS, not an emulator for running games. In my opinion it has failed after all these years to deliver even a minimum stable environment, but that's another topic and has nothing to do with the initial aim.

Re: I miss the 1980’s and 90’s

in Milliways
TrashPanda wrote on 2022-05-12, 10:11: what really hits home is that we are closer to 2050 now than we are to 1980 ...the 80s were 40 years ago. Let me make this worse for you, we are closer even to 2060 than 1980 ...and I still think 10 years ago was when nirvana released nevermind.

Re: I miss the 70’s

in Milliways
To miss the 70s you'd need to be at least 10 years old then. So born around 1960. So at least 60 years old today. I don't believe we have many people above 60 in this forum.

Re: Schneider Euro PC

The EuroPC part is correct, but I believe their joystick was the exact same common 15-pin PC joystick for both PC and PCII. So for the PCII they did give the y-cable as you wrote, but it also has two 15-pin connectors for normal PC joysticks (and not two 9-pins) Sorry for not letting this go. I …

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