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Re: Leak of Windows 11

in Milliways
It may be a stupid question, but what happens when you're set to sign in using your MS account and at some point the pc is offline? You are still able to sign in using the last known password, right?

Re: Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders GOG version Advice

in Milliways
BloodyCactus wrote on 2021-06-12, 13:37: its scummvm. There is no dos "cd" version. The GOG version is the FM-Towns version with 256 colour graphics, using scummvm. I believe the GOG version contains both the FM-Towns and the EGA version, selectable on launch. But yeah, both use SCUMMVM so no dos …

Re: Worst tips from tech support

in Milliways
Many companies efforts to become "Agile" are really just an excuse to wrestle development control away from devs and into the hands of Sales and Marketing. Often times this results in the opposite intent of agile, which was simply created to remove barriers and time syncs from individuals and teams …

Re: Reasons for Glide?

in Milliways
AngryByDefault wrote on 2021-06-05, 13:57: - For what I gathered Glide can be emulated (or wrapped, or something) on more modern hardware, but does that still leave too many games unplayable? I'd say no, have a look at nGlide's compatibility list for example: https://www.zeus-software.com/downloads …

Re: BRAND NEW KDS 19 inch monitor MAJOR problems

in Marvin \ Video
Scythifuge wrote on 2021-06-02, 11:20: I can't give up on this monitor. Since you are so determined to get it restored and working, your best bet is to find a professional to do the job right. Yeah I know it's not that easy anymore, but if you don't have the skills to do it yourself what else …

Re: Convert Teledisk or Kyroflux formats to IMG/IMA?

in PC Emulation
About Teledisk: yes you can, but you will obviously get a working image only if there are no "special" things in the image. In other words, only if you could get a working .img/.ima in the first place. Teledisk (not the shareware version I believe but I'm not sure on that) has a TD2IMA.BAT file that …

Re: Collection/organization software

in Milliways
vetz wrote on 2021-05-21, 16:04: I have been using Excel up untill now, but its so inconvenient when you want to add photos. So true. I ended up keeping Excel, but inserting the filename instead of the photo itself

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