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Re: Temple Operating System

in Milliways
mothergoose729 wrote on 2021-02-18, 07:20: It is a fascinating story. Temple OS is a bizarre creation from the mind of a very intelligent and very sick man. This exactly, I couldn't have said it better

Re: Who can help me out with a GWBasic project?

in DOSBox General
Apart from the gw-basic specifics or the code logic (to which I haven't really dived into) there are also classic minor improvements you can do to your code. Again, after you've made sure that the main logic or drawing process can't be greatly improved, these on their own won't make the code …

Re: Which software to preserve CDs?

You can't even use .iso if your game-CD contains audio tracks, like WarCraft II, Dungeon Keeper, Fury³ and many more... Really? I have a different game called Q-POP, the CD contains Audio that you can also play back in a real CD Player, works just fine as .iso as well. Well, really. ISO can't have …

Re: MS DOS 7.X without Windows 9X

Exactly as megatron-uk said, you can fdisk/format/sys from a windows 98se boot disk. After that if you don't trust random downloads you can quickly do a basic install of win98 on some VM or a temporary one on real hardware and get the dos files that are located in \command \tools\oldmsdos and copy …

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