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Worms: a small bug(?), setting not retained after exiting the game

in Milliways
A small observation of zero significance, having been playing Worms quite a lot lately: If you change the game setting “automatic action replay” to “off” and save, the setting remains that way for the session. If you exit the game and restart it though, it’s back to the default “on”. Everything else …

Re: What sound card do you use on your modern PC ?

in Milliways
curious for what reasons people use sound cards for digital output, the only reason I got the Xonar D2 was because my onboard sound back then did not support DTS connect. Exactly, good question. My guess is that most people don't know that when you only use the digital out, except from some very …

Re: VOGONS Driver Library

What's the timeframe for these difficulties you guys have been having? It's not consistent for me, most of the times it's perfect while others something is really broken in the way for a couple of hours. Today for example it was fine all day. I'll leave another reply if it happens again, although …

Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy NX drivers

in Marvin \ Sound
Try running DEMOFM and see if you get any FM music. It doesn't require an IRQ or DMA, it directly accesses the port. Aztech cards are notorious of checking the exact card the drivers were intended for. Filename DEMOFM.zip File size 14.15 KiB Downloads 2 downloads

Re: Modem usage

Besides from games and internet, how easy is to set up a home BBS, or maybe FIDO archive/emulation? You don't need a modem to setup a BBS nowadays, in fact you shouldn't because most people won't be able to call in (same like you, people don't have copper landlines anymore). The approach used is …

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