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Re: Worst tips from tech support

in Milliways
We had very unreliable cable internet with Suddenlink in rural California. For a few years though, when I called I'd be connected to some guy who knew what he was doing and would have an intelligent conversation with me to identify the problem. That was nice. Then it all changed and I started …

Re: Help me diagnose an LCD

this obviously isn't image rentention because then it would actually look like whatever was on there before - i don't think the taskbar is wavy like that and wraps around the corner. I've had image retention problems on 2 or 3 monitors and it had that same waviness. The effect isn't binary. But I …

Re: Help me diagnose an LCD

Did the taskbar (or maybe that sidebar from Vista?) live on the right side of the screen before now? I've had a similar looking problem at the bottom of the screen on some monitors. I've also had it happen pretty easily on rarely used secondary monitors because of icons or programs that I left open …

Re: GPU for 440BX machine with 133 MHz bus?

The Geforce4 MX cards are among those I would have suggested, so I'm surprised you're having trouble with an MX440. In general I think cards in the NVidia Geforce2/3/4 range have been known to work well at 89MHz AGP. Cards I've used that way are Geforce2 MX, Geforce3, and Ti4200. My Radeon 9800 Pro …

Re: Sleeper pc trend

in Milliways
If I was building a new PC, I might use an old case just so I can have drive bays. Or so it can be housed in something that feels as substantial as the money I spent, instead of a plastic piece of junk. However I never had a window case. I could actually go for one of those on a retro PC.

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