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Re: Lowest spec Windows XP pc.

Baoran wrote on Today, 05:21: Main thing I am wondering if it has any checks during installation that the computer meets the 233Mhz system requirements. No, it doesn't try to check the clock speed. It used to be a competitive sport for people to find the slowest systems they could get XP installed …

Re: Are Acer fanboys a thing?

in Milliways
I would call a fanboy somebody who is brand loyal to the point of being irrational. I like modern Acer laptops, but my reasons are mercenary. They make decent laptops that are cheap. Back when I bought mine there was no competition at ~$400 for the "legacy" features I wanted, thick enough size to …

Re: What phone do you use currently?

in Milliways
I was using Magicjack for a long time, because I really didn't care and just wanted a cheap phone number. I got my first cell phone only a year ago. It was a "Motorola G Stylus". No I don't use the stylus, I only picked that model because it had a better camera than the cheaper one. My actual camera …

Re: Best GPU for an Athlon MP (WinXP)

Does the AMD760MPX chipset work with bridged AGP cards? I've seen some discussion implying it has problems with them. If those type of cards won't work, then the fastest NVidia options would be 6800GT or 6800 Ultra. 6600 and all 7000 series cards are bridged.

Re: what SSD for XP ?

ADATA SSD manger does support XP and TRIM but all their SSD's with Realtek controllers and DRMless are really a piece of junk. has anyone tested the TRIM function from ADATA with another SSD brand ? https://i.postimg.cc/WzSz5L42/screenshot.jpg Yes, I've used that on every XP machine that had/has an …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
Creative's AWE32 cards have cheap SIMM sockets on them with plastic retaining clips, not metal. Knowing this, I tried to very carefully remove a pair of 30pin SIMMs from a CT3990. I still broke one of the sockets.

Re: Windows 95 keeps Removing wallpaper

in Milliways
One other thing: You can use the "Internet Explorer Administration Kit" to make a customized installer for IE5 or IE6 that includes Active Desktop. That way you don't have to install IE4 before the version you really want. IEAK was a tool for sysadmins that lets you make an installer with customized …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Installed Quake on a 233 MMX and then set up VQuake for a Rendition card. Got to see 3D acceleration on that card for the first time. I like it, but I'm disappointed by the very uneven framerates. It gets choppy when you're shooting evil, and gets *really* slow when you're underwater (half framerate …

Re: Monitor for a Pentium 2/3 - Windows 98

Is DOS a factor? If you expect to play DOS 320x200 VGA games with smooth 2D scrolling, keep in mind those run at 72Hz and will stutter on IPS or VA based LCD monitors from the 4:3 era. It happens because those panels require 60Hz and will convert 72->60Hz internally (they advertised 75Hz support but …

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