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A way for loading DOS drivers on Windows ME

in Windows
Hello and happy new year folks. Is there a way for loading DOS driver of my audio card in windows ME? (I want to stay on ME, for upnp, mass storage etc ...) The card is an ESS Allegro PCI. Need to add essaudio.com and essaudio.sys. Does the real mode patch is the only way for use this sound card …

Windows ME locked with DMA enable

Hello. My computer is an old IBM PC340. I have activated DMA option on my optical drive (TEAC CD-56S 6X cdrom). My IBM is now locked 😒 I have try: Boot in safe mode. Delete my optical drive / SIS driver / IDE adaptater on the hardware tree. but ... Nothing A way with regedit ? Thk a lot ^^

Curious MPEG2 Decoder card... Help

Hello! I own this strange card from the space: http://theangel540.free.fr/WP_20200430_003.jpg http://theangel540.free.fr/WP_20200430_002.jpg I presume it's an MPEG2 decoder board. The Odeum is video decoder. The Zoran is AC3 codec. The plx bridge for what ? daughter board ? And driver for this UFO …

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