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Sound test program?

Hi, I'm looking for a program that would test the sound capabilities of a computer: check whether such and such mode is available, and play a tune to confirm and compare the various sound it produces. Ideally it should work on the simplest 8088 with little RAM. Does such a tool exist?

How to identify bad video RAM chips?

I have some problems with an IBM EGA video card. Here's the checkit log. I believe some ram chips are dead. But how do I know which ones? And where to find them on the card? === VIDEO RAM TEST === Test Results: Video Memory................................................FAILED *** ERROR at Address …

Re: Do you want an EGA monitor?

Caluser2000 wrote on 2021-02-24, 04:42: I have an EGA monitor thanks, works well and it was free. Did you consider it before getting it? How much do you use it compared to your other displays? Would you have gotten it if it wasn't free?

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