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Re: What display do you use for gaming ?

in Marvin \ Video
At the moment I don't play at all and use just any LCD at hand - currently Samsung 154v. Otherwise I have prepared some Trinitrons for use - 17" for DOS and 21" for Windows. Just in case I also have 15" and 19" in storage and even smaller dimensions - not sure what will I do with them?!

Re: Storage advice - motherboards, other PC components

in Milliways
I use Ikea plastic containers. Bigger for motherboards and larger VLB/ISA cards. And smaller for ordinary size ISA/PCI cards. Sometimes I put the cards/motherboards in antistatic bags and sometimes I just put some newspaper sheet in between them when stacking. The usual cardboard boxes in proper …

Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

Latest additions to my collection :lol: 22" ViewSonic P227f 17" Sony G200 https://i.imgur.com/OuoOzdG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/OuoOzdGl.jpg Just wondering, does your ViewSonic give out a loud 'bang' every time it is turned on ? Mine does, and have done that since I bought it brand new in box... Not …

Re: Your Retrogaming laptop/portable machine megathread (recommendations, tips, minutae)

I have two DOS/Windows gaming laptops: Siemens Scenic Mobile 710, 12" TFT 800x600 with Pentium MMX 266: http://computermuseum.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/cat.php?id=lapt32&type=Laptops IBM Thinkpad 380Z, 13" TFT 1024x768 with Pentium II 233: https://www.cnet.com/products/ibm-thinkpad-380z-2635-13-3-pii-win98- …

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