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You do not load drives via config.sys in Dosbox. And you cannot load a config.sys in Dosbox. There is a way to load config.sys elements via some program, I think ctload, but almost everything won't work in Dosbox. You can boot a dos image in Dosbox which allows you to use a config.sys, though. See …


Can i use a config.sys within DOSBOX. I have a couple of drives I need to load and it has to be done in the config.sys file but I cannot find anywhere that shows a config.sys file to use within the docs of DosBox.

Double Characters with Serial BBS program

I was attempting to run a old style BBS via DOSBox. I have tried multiple BBS and all have the same issue when older computers are calling into it (old 8 bit computers like ATARI, TI, Commodore, etc.) It seems that when the older computers accessing the BBS via DOSBox the BBS is receiving double …

DOS program exiting

I have an old BBS program I was trying to run in DosBOX (Vision-x). It runs fine, but for some reason when a user logs off it just exits to dos. This exact program works fine on an old dos machine. Anyone have any ideas?

Re: serial1 to listen on mac for port 23

i launched DOSBOX via the show package contents for the MAC and in the terminal it shows that "Serial1: Modem could not open TCP port 23." I have checked the terminal to find out what ports are open. Dosbox shows: Last login: Wed Feb 6 17:06:04 on ttys001 mymac:~ chrisschneider$ /Applications/DOSBox …

serial1 to listen on mac for port 23

I have edited the config file and made my own config. Execute it with: open -a DOSBox --args -conf pathtoconfig/dosbox.conf it runs, and I believe it is enabled serial1 as follows: serial1=modem listenport:23 but when I execute the program and try to connect on port 23 via a telnet client. it fails, …

dosbox config and Mac

I am trying to find the config file on the mac, but I went to Library >> preferences I do not see a directory called DOSBox 0.74 Preferences I tried to execute the command config -writeconf z:\dosbox.conf I get an error stating it cannot open the file.

Bbs and dos box

I was wondering ig there is anything special that has to be done to get a bbs working via Dosbox? I have a Lantronix UDS1100 that acts as a modem and it works the same as a modem hooked up to a com port. Is there configuration that needs to be configured so the connection is seen in dosbox?

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