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Re: Lords of the Realm 2 Graphics Speed

I am unsure what the game runs best with, but when I hit Ctrl F11 to reduce cycle percentage, all it does is slow the game down to a lag (runs the same till below 15%). The animations never slow down when reducing CPU, only slows down when changing the frame skip all the way up to 10. I suppose it …

Re: Lords of the Realm 2 Graphics Speed

Yes I figured that out, that's why I deleted bits of my post earlier. Now I just need the animations to look correct, they still seem really fast compared to how it looked back in the days of Windows 95/98 when I played back then. They seem fast compared to just a few years ago even when I didn't …

Lords of the Realm 2 Graphics Speed

I tried to slow down the animations of the game by using frame skip, but this made my game run so slowly when I got the animations to a normal looking speed that my mouse was skipping all over the place and lagging really badly. The frame skip was set to 10 and my game ran at 4 FPS. So I can't get …

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