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Re: Problems with AverMedia VGA capture

well, I found a solution. it is two variables for v1 and v2 SST_BACKPORCH SSTV2_BACKPORCH http://www.old-games.ru/forum/attachments/2017-01-26_08-59-13-png.120753/ and in bat file it will be something like that SET SSTV2_BACKPORCH=0x1D001D and tada! http://www.old-games.ru/forum/attachments/ …

Re: Problems with AverMedia VGA capture

I have shifted image on aver c127, under windows 98se and using something like TNT2 I can shift image manually by PowerStrip, but when Glide activates it still shifted right at 6-8 pixels. http://www.old-games.ru/forum/attachments/20170124175736-png.120657/ In glide mode I tried to play with SSTV2_ …

Re: dosbox hardsub

I'm looking for programmers. Can pay paypal. I used ProcMon to see what happened on video playback. I used "Harvester" game, I see dosbox ReadFile, using 4kb blocks and show it decoded (delay?). 23:52:47,1279655 dosbox.exe 3748 ReadFile C:\games\harv_cd\GRAPHIC\FST\VIRGLOGO.FST SUCCESS Offset: 0, …

dosbox hardsub

Got idea, what if. Hook on file open, then read our prepared subtitle file and show text in dosbox screen. Then everyone could make any translation of in-game video.

Re: *sigh* Harvester cutscene issue

I tried vmware7 and dos 6.22: DOS/16M error: [17] system software does not follow VCPI or DPMI specifications. Tried VirtualPC 2007 + Windows98 - black screen, the game doesn't work. did a hack of harvest.exe cseg01:00013039 movsx eax, W?raw_key$nys ; short volatile raw_key cseg01:00013040 cmp eax, …

Re: *sigh* Harvester cutscene issue

SKARDAVNELNATE wrote: jack7277 wrote: Does anyone know the solution for skipped cutscene? dosbox svn daum, win7 x86, i5/4gb Okay, this is an old thread. I think the advice I gave back then worked. Experiment with different cycle counts. The cutscenes works with cycles 5000-8000, but the game is …

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