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Tecra 550cdt and Univbe

Hi guys, do you have experience with Univbe on Toshiba 550cdt? I tried couple version 5.3 and 6.7 and install version 7 on windows which has DOS folder with gamode etc. but the univbe doesnt want to load . It says "graphics chip as unknown" and it doesnt load. I tied to force detect the HW but no …

Re: Tell me what it's like to own a GUS

in Milliways
please excuse my english ;-) I have short story about GUS. That time i was working in the bank in the Czech republic (not super good pay, weird i know :-). The decent PC computer cost 6-9 months of pay - full pays not after food and other expenses spent. I had friend who was hacker/cracker and I …

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