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Re: DOS Packet Driver for Realtek 8168

in DOS
Something from here could help.. Dos / Dosbox / Dos VMs ethernet / filesharing /network Dos to Win98-Win10 -WIP, help needed especially from Win admins..

Re: Requiem Avenging Angel DirectX version check by-pass

in Windows
Well, it might not be the answer you liked to hear. What kind of answer did you expect? Donation should be done wholeheartedly. If you don't like it, then I can't help. I hope, that you will add that one donation tier for me - that means sentence to Github main page about additional more community …

PowerMac G5 10.4 ClassicOS - How to run Vampire Masquerade Redemption? Crash, I need someone with MacOS knowledge..

Hello, im trying to run Vampire Masquerade Redemption on Power Mac G5 with Geforce FX 5200 Ultra and MacOS 10.4.11 (last with Classic MacOS support) here i have installed Classic MacOS 9.2.2 I was hard from the start: 1) First game needed OpenGL 1.2, on CD is some OpenGL installer, but is only MacOS …

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