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Re: 3D Labs Permedia 2

Its just normal SS7 K6-2+ 500MHz, ALI chipset, 128GB cheap SSD , 768MB of RAM and MS-DOS 7.1 From Windows 98.. and im changing video cards for testing.. with one support old AGP cards with 3.3V, for same thing im also using some S370 PIII 1.4.. other testing is done, on VIA PT880 + Core 2 Duo and …

Re: 3D Labs Permedia 2

I just added this card to my Dos benchmarking project.. Old+Modern videocards pure DOS benchmarking- which one is fastest?, need your numbers + analysis, 320x200 to 1600x1200! Q2DOS has bad color pallete problem, as some other cards, i already reported that, but i doubt that they will ever fix.. …

Re: X58/i865/V880 - Yamaha7x4/AureaV1/2 pure Dos7.1- compatibility list/research/ ultim. drivers configs, WIP- gurus ne

I just made some new discovery.. other brand of MBs, which supports selection of primary videocard slot.. its Supermirco and feature is called - VGA priority. Otherwise supermicro bioses settins, has much more options that other brands, because its more aimed for low level people.. its not only good …

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