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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

@sleepybear360 Hi. Any news? Yes, D-Fend Renewed (thanks for the name by the way) has been born on 4-3-2021 and is ready to live, provided you want it too! What I am doing now is preparing to recreate and fix a lot of the issues in D-Fend Reloaded is a new iteration of the application called D-Fend …

Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

You are right guys. When no images (or only one) is saved in the Capture folder the delay is significantly reduced. @jordanpublic @HunterZ Yeah, I noticed the same thing recently. I'd just downloaded all of the Mobygames images for Quake 3 (maybe two dozen) and suddenly clicking on the Q3 profile …

Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Hello Alexander. Congrats on your program. It's great. Good Job. I am not sure if this has been asked before, but I notice a significant delay of 2-3 seconds when I click on a game entry in my D-Fend program. It doesn't matter if it is a left or right click, the delay is always the same. I tried …

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