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Re: Dual booting Windows 7 & 10 with shared drives- good idea?

in Milliways
Disabling drives in the BIOS never worked for me- W7 and 10 kept stubbornly seeing them either way. No idea if this is my legacy, non-UEFI BIOS, but it would have been yanking cables from that point onwards or, what I did, cross fingers on first boot and disabling them at the OS level. Anyway, same …

Dual booting Windows 7 & 10 with shared drives- good idea?

in Milliways
I've been happily dual booting W7 and W10 on my (old) main PC for several years now, with a couple of SSDs shared between OSes, without any serious problems (*). But I've always had that nagging feeling that the way I have it set up might not be the smartest. So perhaps people more in the know could …

Re: Armor Command - looking for patches

in Windows
Yes. Here. >> https://web.archive.org/web/19990219210536fw_/http://roningames.com:80/acfrontpage.htm Go to downloads. They all work. Thing is, the two 1.06 files on patches-scrolls appear to patch the game from 1.00 to 1.06 considering the files are named 'acu_eng_100_106.exe' & 'acu_eng_100_106_ …

Armor Command - looking for patches

in Windows
I am trying to run Armor Command in Win98SE and was looking to get it patched up to the latest version. The only patches I could find are on Patches-scrolls , but the patch(es?) from 1.0 to 1.03 needed to update to 1.06 is / are missing. The other two 1.06 patch executables offered there are 'not a …

Sleepwalker (Ocean) - No music during gameplay?

To preface my question: a physical CD (Mega Pak edition) of the game is on the way, but I am currently trying this with an image of that same disc from Archive.org, as well as a download from Abandonia, so technically I don't own the game yet (though I do for CD32 if that counts...). Anyway: Is …

Re: Best toddler games for DOS

in Milliways
The first two Putt-Putt games ('Joins the Parade' & 'Goes to the Moon') if you want to introduce them to point & click adventures. There are more titles in the series, but I found the first two (which are DOS-based) to have the most charming art style and content. And they're by Monkey Island's Ron …

Re: Scariest pc game you played

in Milliways
When I was younger Creature Shock, BioForge and The 7th Guest really creeped me out. And a couple of specific bits I remember from other games: - Half-Life 1, right before you actually see the 3 Tentacles and only hear them banging on the walls. Or 'Fast Zombies' in Ravenholm in Half-Life 2 in …

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