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Sleepwalker (Ocean) - No music during gameplay?

To preface my question: a physical CD (Mega Pak edition) of the game is on the way, but I am currently trying this with an image of that same disc from Archive.org, as well as a download from Abandonia, so technically I don't own the game yet (though I do for CD32 if that counts...). Anyway: Is …

Re: Best toddler games for DOS

in Milliways
The first two Putt-Putt games ('Joins the Parade' & 'Goes to the Moon') if you want to introduce them to point & click adventures. There are more titles in the series, but I found the first two (which are DOS-based) to have the most charming art style and content. And they're by Monkey Island's Ron …

Re: Scariest pc game you played

in Milliways
When I was younger Creature Shock, BioForge and The 7th Guest really creeped me out. And a couple of specific bits I remember from other games: - Half-Life 1, right before you actually see the 3 Tentacles and only hear them banging on the walls. Or 'Fast Zombies' in Ravenholm in Half-Life 2 in …

Re: Most underrated games?

in Milliways
G-Nome, the 1997 hybrid mech sim by 7th Level. It's a respectable mech sim, but with so many other things that elevate it above "coaster of the year" status (which apparently is what it was called by some publications). The story and voice acting is great, and the ability to get out of your mech …

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