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Re: VIA AC'97 Sound Blaster drivers for MS-DOS?

i'm trying using the viaudio.com... i did the changes on autoexec.bat... when i reboot, i get these message: "via legacy game software no install please enable Sound blaster pro on BIOS Setup first!" how if i don't have these option on BIOS? i use the ACER Aspire 1690 laptop. what you can tell me?

Re: Windows 98 - MS-DOS: how get drivers and play games?

in Windows
maybe i have locky here for MS-DOS sound drivers: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=56543 how can i change my config.sys and autoexec.bat for use the memory and others commands correctly for play the game? "If "the game can take some minutes for execute the game", then most likely your computer …

Windows 98 - MS-DOS: how get drivers and play games?

in Windows
i'm trying playing MS-DOS games on Windows 98 and on MS-DOS... but i see some problems with some games(but works normaly on DosBox): MS-DOS: - how can i get an Universal Sound Driver? - do i need config the memory on Config.sys and Autoexec.bat for execute some games?(i get a Black Screen, or the …

Re: DosBox: how avoid the black borders?

the problem remains: fullscreen=true fulldouble=false fullresolution=desktop windowresolution=desktop aspect=false output=overlay autolock=true sensitivity=100 waitonerror=true priority=higher,normal mapperfile=mapper-0.74.map usescancodes=true the width resolution isn't all screen

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