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Re: Windows XP: is there a KernelEX?

in Windows
i have too.. but the OneCoreAPI smach too much so i can't activate it 🙁 reformat the pc, AGAIN, but anyone knows another patch for Kernell Extended? i try the XP Extended, but i get a win32 error like been invalid.. my system is 32 bits\X86

Windows 98 - i need an update driver for flashcard

in Windows
my flash media card driver is: Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_8033&SUBSYS_00661025&REV_00 i have the driver, but don't read SD cards :( i'm trying searching without success :( i found: https://download.cnet.com/Texas-Instruments-PCI-GemCore-based- …

Re: windows 98 SE - how big drive disks?

in Windows
thanks for all.. but i will wait for get more info. why installing the 'ESDI_506.PDR' file, but i get an access denie? is the 'ESDI_506.PDR' file attributes or something?(i did it on MS-DOS and not on windows)

windows 98 SE - how big drive disks?

in Windows
how read big disks drive? i tried, without sucess, installing the 'ESDI_506.PDR' file.. but i get an access error\denie. how can i fix these? my objective is read a 500Gb's external hard drive NTFS.... using a NTFS pen with 16GB's is readed normaly. but not the 500GB's external disk

Re: Windows XP: audio delay on MS-DOS 3D games

in Windows
from: http://www.softsystem.co.uk/products/soundfx.htm "SoundFX provides a complete emulation of a SoundBlaster 16 card and hence enables old favourites such as Doom (1 & 2), Heretic, Duke Nukem (2 & 3D) etc to be run with sound under Windows XP, 2000 & NT4." and i can't get sound effects 🙁

Windows XP: audio delay on MS-DOS 3D games

in Windows
if i play Duke Nukem 3D, theres no delay plays great... if i play Doom 1 & 2, Heretic, Hexen and others 3D games, i get a delay when i shoot.... it's a audio delay.... how can i fix it? for Doom, we can use Doom95... but its only for Doom and no more 3D games 🙁

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