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Re: Aureal Vortex vs Vortex 2

Everybody knows about the MX300 so that is the card people look for. A few companies used the Aureal chipset to make their own cards and I have a few models that mostly differ in whether they use coax or optical for digital out. And those cards are using the actual AU8830 chip? because i searched …

Re: Aureal Vortex vs Vortex 2

theyre not that rare but for some reason the diamond cards prices are usually jacked but I've seen a lot of OEM Aureal cards and cards of other brands like turtle beach and I think DELL and the like at reasonable to cheap not to long ago. I checked a bit into it and i think that's because of the …

Re: Aureal Vortex vs Vortex 2

It's one of the best known Aureal 2 cards. How much are you looking to pay for one? Locally I have an indefinite supply of these for about $17 a piece. Sorry to necro this thread but I do not have the ability to PM yet and was wondering if you still had a source for MX300 cards and if I could buy …

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