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Re: New heatsinks for my V5

The mod physically is okey but i have to deal with the weight.It seems that the pcb bents on the weight of the heatsinks.I will complete the mod ,run some tests and remove parts of the heatsinks and i will report back.Stay tuned.

Re: AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1000 MHz Slot A and Epox 7KXA Rev. 0.4 VIA KX133 stability problems

Hello there , back in the days i used to use my epox k7xa as my main rig.I had bought a week 52 slot a 550mhz cpu which was in fact an 750mhz 0.25m which i had overclocked successfully to 900mhz using a vos32 globalwin heatsink.Later on i bought a thunderbird 1gig and the epox could not even post .I …

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