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Re: sb live! disable sb16 emulation

ElBrunzy , if you don't need VxD and EAX just take kx driver . For 9X I recommend up to 3536 version, for XP 3537+ versions are better. Full SF2 compatibility, best sound/midi routing, reverse front/rear outputs for Live's better Philips DAC using (instead of AC97 DAC) but WDM only and EAX support …

Re: sw60xg only playing piano sounds

I know about this "bug" when running EffectGearII during playing MIDI. It's because thre is a same registers/ram for LINE IN effects and for GM bank + XG effects. But if I just play .MID/.WRK files it's alright. It is very interesting to repeat it in Windows 98 on the same configuration. And: set IO …

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