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Re: 32-Bit is dead

in Milliways
Caluser2000 wrote on 2021-06-09, 07:47: Still have my table. It's the last thing left of my JVC stereo system from another life a centary ago.... I miss full sized component stereos with large 3-way full sized full spectrum speakers.

Re: Sleeper pc trend

in Milliways
vad4r wrote on 2021-05-19, 16:44: I think it's silly to put modern hardware that consumes much more power into an old case with no room for big fans. For a gaming system with a huge GPU sure. If you just wanted to use an old metal case you liked with a modern 65W or so CPU with built in video …

Re: Your saddest retro computer pictures, a feel bad topic

in Milliways
I saw an Etsy link a few years ago for someone selling 'gold fingers' necklaces of some kind, and I saw the ISA fingers of a Gravis Ultrasound. I mean, even a broken card sells for 10-20x more than they were selling the necklace for. Many years ago I got a forum member (different forum) connected …

Re: office suites and business software

I have a small collection of boxed Apps for the 68K and early PPC Mac era plus boxed Apps form the DOS and early Windows 3x era. One thing I would like to have would be the old engineering apps that required key disks or dongles from the DOS era. Stuff like piping design, CAD, heat exchanger apps …

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