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Re: Retro flight sim playthroughs

I just noticed that the original IL-2 Sturmovik came out in November 2001. Janes WW-2 Fighters was the first game/sim I played (I bought my first computer at 35 in late 2000 to be able to write papers and such since I planned on going back to school, but then I saw this on my neighbor's computer), …

Re: K6-2+ 450, Asus VX97 Build

That memory bandwidth increase is massive. Yes indeed it is! I figured that's where all the performance gains came from. I'm going to try running that CPU at 83mhz fsb at some point, would be cool if it's stable near the 500mhz mark but I don't expect it to be. I've run numerous K6-2+ and K6-3+ …

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