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Re: Windows 98 Sata SSD

My Promise Ultra 100 TX2 works fine with a StarTech bi directional SATA to IDE adapter and a SATA 120 GB SSD running Windows 98 on my TXP4 and these cards are easily available. if u have to get a card plus the sata to ide. u might as well just get the sata card. Except that the Ultra 100 can be had …

Re: Windows 98 Sata SSD

I've had several of those that have worked fine for me, but I read a review on Amazon where someone said that theirs caught on fire! I've also had a number of these over the years that have worked well for me, but I know that others have had issues.

Re: Windows 98 Sata SSD

The Silicon Image PCI SATA cards I've tried have only worked on Intel chipsets - the one I use successfully with my Asus TXP4 has errors when I try to use it with Via chipsets. The Promise IDE cards have worked on everything I've tried them on, and the IDE 100 cards are inexpensive enough that they …

Re: Windows 98 Sata SSD

I've installed Win98 to 120 gigabyte SSD drives in the following computers: Asus TXP4, PCChips M930LMR, and an Epox MVP3G-M. I used Super FDISK and an OEM (bootable) ISO of Win98 that I copied to the hard drive. I used SATA to IDE adapters, and/or SATA PCI controllers. You may be dealing with some …

Re: What do you regret throwing out?

When I catch myself regretting dumping old hardware at an Ewaste facility (I had a big purge Socket 7 boards and AT cases in 2009/10 because I lost use of a storage shed) , I remind myself that if I had kept it, it would have just been more electronics converted to smoke and ash in the Camp Fire.

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