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Re: Windows 3.11 Ultimate Build

One 3.11 game I think you'll especially enjoy is Operation: Inner Space. It's an asteroids-like game where all the currency pickups are based on the icons on your hard drive. Based on the number of applications you've got installed, I think you'll never be short of currency. 😁

In Epic Pinball, what are the 'PARAMS'?

In Epic Pinball (and Silverball), during gameplay, if you pause with Esc and press F1 the game asks you to enter some params and press Esc to resume. https://i.imgur.com/V1yNI2q.png Does anybody know what these params could be? There's no visual response from the game as you're typing. I've managed …

Re: How do I run DOS games on my Windows 98 PC?

Go to https://www.philscomputerlab.com/sound-blaster-live.html and take a look at the section labelled '​Audigy 2 ZS drivers for Live!'. There's two screenshots there, the left one shows the set of five driver installs for Sound Blaster Live! cards, and the right one shows the devices that appear in …

Re: DOS Shareware Collection CD

These discs are very fun. :) I've had the urge to make a compilation disc myself, even though there's plenty out there already. A couple of things I'd suggest: - Giving the disc a name. Is it just called 'MS-DOS Shareware Collection'? That's fine if it is. :) I've been adding '... by gaffa2002 2021_ …

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