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Re: Music / Midi Software for Win98SE

Cakewalk's a good MIDI editor, with more wav-style DAW stuff included as you get newer. I'm fairly certain there were many full-featured 'lite' versions of Cakewalk for Win98, they'd be given away with midi keyboards, sound cards, coverdisks etc, maybe look up 'Cakewalk Express'. (Modern Cakewalk …

Re: I just got a "rig" to play some old Win 3.1/95 and DOS stuff. But I am having a few problems with sound and DOS. (PI

First off, the Thinkpads, whilst fabulous machines (no kidding, I have an old 385ED, 600X and a modern T440P) they are most definitely not gaming machines. They were sold as business machines first and foremost, to running Windows (or sometimes OS/2 LOL) and had windows-compatible sound hardware. I …

No briefing voice in StarFighter 3000?

I've noticed an odd thing about StarFighter 3000, on DOS 6.22 or Dosbox 0.74-3. When you select a mission from the planet pyramid and get the text screen, there's supposed to be a spoken voiceover reading out the text, but it doesn't play. (You can hear the voice in the Saturn, 3DO and PS1 ports.) …

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