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Re: Episode 1 Racer - White Screen (LA FTP down)

in Windows
Solution 2 did not work (crash on startup) Did you try to change some settings by .cpl? No, i didn't try, but i prefer solution 3 at this point. Solution 3 worked fine. (thank you for the patched exes!) You are welcome :) By the way, what videocard you tried it on? I am running it on a AMD Radeon …

Re: InstallShield Wrapper

in Windows
hi, i'm trying to install Carmageddon 3 - TDR 2000 from the US retail CD. The "Setup.exe" is based on InstallShield v6.10.100.1281 I've tried setting various compatibility modes and running as admin, but on Win7 64-bit it always gives this error: Setup failed to launch installation engine: Class not …

Re: Episode 1 Racer - White Screen (LA FTP down)

in Windows
White/black screen can also be fixed by: 1. New dgVoodoo (versions from 2.4) than can emulate old versions of DirectX - http://dege.freeweb.hu/ (DirectX 11 videocard needed) 2. Copying ReactOS wine libraries to game folder - http://www.old-games.ru/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=22912&d= …


I'm trying to mount a cue sheet mixing an iso and a multi-track flac: FILE "data.iso" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 FILE "audio.fla" WAVE TRACK 02 AUDIO INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 03 AUDIO INDEX 01 07:12:30 TRACK 04 AUDIO INDEX 01 10:10:14 TRACK 05 AUDIO INDEX 01 13:07:12 TRACK 06 AUDIO …

Roland VSC soundfont conversion

Is it possible to rip the original Roland VSC samples into a regular sf2 for use with Dosbox? I know the alternative of using mudlord's VST driver + the VSTi plugin (VSC.dll) , but this is restricted to a single platform (win32), while soundfonts are portable. Also the Patch93's SC-55 soundfont is …

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