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Re: Sarien 0.7.0 - no sound?

The DOS binary on SourceForge was compiled with Turbo C. According to README.ports in the 0.7.0 source files, MS-DOS builds compiled with Watcom and Turbo C use the "dummy" sound driver, presumably meaning no sound, and MS-DOS builds compiled with DJGPP use the Allegro sound library. As usual, …

Re: Sarien 0.7.0 - no sound?

So the Sarien code that you're playing with is probably quite outdated. Why not use ScummVM for playing AGI games? To be honest, I expected this kind of replies with some probability, but it seemed to be impolite to try to prevent them in advance. I appreciate your trying to help but this is not …

Re: Random free game findings

in Milliways
More oddities from that German site! I just downloaded a supposedly fully 3D but still DOS game/demo called Acrophy . Can't run it in DOSBox past the main menu screen though, as it either freezes or ends with "Reboot requested". Maybe figure it out later. UPD: And here's a complete freeware RPG from …

Sarien 0.7.0 - no sound?

I took and interest in fan-made AGI games and ways for running them in DOSBox without proprietary Sierra interpreter binaries. Out of the possible options, Sarien seemed most suitable, and indeed it works in DOSBox (I figured out how to add fan games to the sarien.ini config file), but I'm getting …

Re: Retro flight sim playthroughs

in Milliways
I'm familiar with some of FST made flight sims, like those from Ron Walker, tried them back in early 2000s. But there were better ones on the market so I didn't delved deep into them. Well, I always appreciate the creative effort from the player side, and have a keen interest for community made …

Re: Garbo archive

in Milliways
K.A.R.R. wrote on 2021-05-25, 18:29: what dosbox settings do u use for the german ford simulator ? when i try it it stops after i enter my name I remember that problem; I just quickly checked this version and the solution is to press Esc before it asks for your name.

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