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Re: 3dmark99 MegaThread

Athlon XP (Barton) 2.13Ghz, 256MB SDRAM Windows 98SE DirectX 6 (need an early driver for DX6) Voodoo3 2000 - default clock, default 3DMark99 template (800x600, etc...) Result: 6291 3DMarks 32288 CPU 3DMarks 3dmark99-v32k.png Looks right for this card. the V3 3K seems to score a couple hundred points …

Re: 486 board with UMC 8881E/8886B: The winner is: EDO without L2 (terms and conditions apply)

That's comparing apples and oranges. The 8881E and 8886B are the last revision of the UMC 8881/8886 chipset, which is likely years newer than the SiS 471 on the VL/I-486SV2GX4. The SiS competitor to the UMC8881/8886 is the SiS 496/497. Again, the only latest revision of that chipset has EDO support …

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