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2x slot 1 boards

Which board and cpu would be recommended to use with a voodoo banshee(agp) i have. Both very similar 2x isa 4x pci or so.. 3 memory slots. Identifiers Intel chips with number/model E931761. Between cmos battery and front case headers. Vs VIA chips on the board, 6VABX2 between agp and pci Looks like …

Re: Game Suggestions.

in Milliways
Excellent so far thanks all. Anymore suggestions for action style DX/win9x games. Considering Quake 1/2 anybody else excited for Wrath: Aeon of Ruin? In early access right now and it looks Beautiful. But I'm cheap and hoping it will drop lower then $20 on a sale or full release.

Game Suggestions.

in Milliways
Greetings vogoneers, I have been playing around with attaching my system to an early HDTV Plasma great colors and black levels. Its Native panel resolution is actually 848 x 480 thus my request for suggestions. Games that look good at 640x480 or can be modified or enumerate resolutions from dx and …

Re: Trine 4

I really enjoyed Trine 1 (pirated actually) and I would say its worth it. Read about the way T3 going 3rd was not good for most fans. Then for Trine 2 I just skipped as my nephews I would play with were out of the house around then. Still I ended up Pre-ordering the Trine ultimate collection box to …

The Death of Commander Keen

in Milliways
I am surprised no one has come here to comment/post on the new Keen announcement yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtQjGPfkEe8 I have down-voted the video and expressed my dissent in the youtube comments :-) what is everybody else's thoughts? I feel it would have been simple to make a fast …

Re: Any Unreal Tournament gamers here?

in Milliways
Loved UT99 Back in the day. I played the Demo alot Until one of my Older Brother in laws gave me a Burned CD with the official update That disabled CD checking but was more into Counter Strike 1.4-1.6 by then. AMD K6 400mhz I think and Fx 5500 agp. Now I occasionally hop on UT4Alpha. I would like a …

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