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Re: 2D graphics benchmark

Seems unlikely that there would exist a benchmark that measures how efficiently the VGA's functionality had been implemented by a vendor - maybe somewhere in a dungeon of a gfx card-maker such info exists? I have a recollection of one of the DOS game authors meeting a group of Japanese engineers at …

Re: Pentium OverDrive 83 on Asus 486SV2GX4 rev 2.0, problems with floppys and other storage devices

IMHO overdrives aren't worth it. ....nowhere near a "real" Pentium. I disagree. You get Pentium floating point performance on a 486, so something like Quake will run well, and it has twice as much cache as the usual 486. So, if you have a 486 w/VLB + PCI that you like, the 83MHz overdrive is pretty …

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