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Re: Is a Voodoo 2 worth the cost

If you're a fan of Voodoo then nothing else is better than the original cards. I do not run Voodoos as I lack room for a proper PPro / V2 setup that would be my Quake multiplayer machine. Voodoo3(+fast cpu) is of course way better from a practical standpoint but the original V2s are deliciously …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

I found the monitor, keyboard and mouse in great condition when clearing out a store cupboard at work. I could not resist raiding my parts box and some eBay auctions to make a system. Dell Optiplex GX150 SFF Tualatin 1.13 on i815E 512mb 80gb 7200rpm IDE drive Low profile ATI Fire GL T2 64mb (Radeon …

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